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May 27, 2020

Jennifer Noel Taylor is the “Chief Magical Officer” of Quantum-Touch, Inc. – A community dedicated to Spiritual growth. Quantum-Touch helps people facilitate their physical, emotional and spiritual healing through energy medicine.

In her debut book, Love Incorporated: The Business of Doing What You Love, she shares her journey as a young professional, feeling extremely depressed at her 9-5 job, to finding her true calling and living the life of her dreams!

Favorite Success Quote

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.” ~Jim Carey

Key Points

1. Taking Time Away is Not the End

Often times in life, we need to separate ourselves from our current situations.

Whether it is a job, a relationship, or even just a physical location that it tying you down, everyone will have a point in their life where they need to “escape” to uncover more about themselves to truly become their best selves.

But we are scared.

We are afraid that it will result in catastrophic failure if things don’t pan out.

But the truth is, even if we don’t achieve the goals we had set, the lessons you learn while away will equip you to achieve more when you come back to your old life.

If you take a sabbatical from work to travel, you will return more grounded, more focused, and more passionate, and employers know this.

If you take some time away from a relationship to focus on your own personal growth, you will come back as a more present, conscious, and compassionate lover, and most women know this.

Don’t be afraid to take time away from the good so that you can return to the great.

2. Be Authentic

Life is short, so why would you waste it being anyone other than who you are.

Almost all of us live our lives behind a mask. We perform on the stage of life to impress people and show them that we are like everyone else.

But the hard truth is, the world doesn’t need more cookie cutter people.

It needs more people who are fearlessly embracing their authentic selves, people who are pursuing a life of excellence and uniqueness.

Forget about being like everyone else.

The world has plenty of copycats. Be yourself, be authentic, and allow the universe to use that for greatness.

3. The Universe Will not Hand You Anything

So many of us believe in the “Secret” that if we just write down our goals and put them out to the universe that we will achieve every dream that we have, but the truth is much more different.

The universe will conspire with you to help you achieve your goals, but you must put in the work.

You have to grind and hustle and sweat and bleed.

There is no other way to achieve success.

Put your goals out to the universe and then work your butt off to achieve them.

Then and only then will the universe open up to help you.

4. Trust Yourself 

One of the hardest things in life is to trust yourself, to believe in yourself, and to stick to your values even when the rest of the world steers you in another direction.

But if you want to succeed and live the most fulfilling life possible, then you must learn to trust yourself.

Trust your gut, trust your intuition, trust yourself.

If you feel called to do something, then do it, no matter what other people say.

And remember, you can fail doing something that you don’t like so go ahead and take a chance on something you love.

5. Challenges are An Opportunity for Growth 

So many people view challenges as a bad thing.

They think that challenging situations are a curse.

But the thing is, challenges are an opportunity.

They are an opportunity for you to grow into your strongest self, to prove what you are made of, and to overcome obstacles that others deem as impossible.

Never view challenges as a negative thing.

They are what makes this life worth living and what separates the boys from the men.

May 25, 2020

Cash Matthews has been in the financial business and worked with countless families and individuals since the 1980’s.

During his adult life, he has worked entirely with just one ambition: to help people succeed with their finances and have a happy life! He believes the pressure of a poorly constructed financial life can also have a negative impact on your health and your family.

He is the author of several books including Money University and the Solomon Way.

Favorite Success Quote

“Don’t do stupid stuff and you will be fine” ~Cash’s Grandmother

Key Points

1. Forget the Joneses. They Are Broke 

In today’s material-focused society, you see so many people focused on keeping up with the Joneses.

The problem is, the Joneses are completely broke and are living their lives based upon the desire to look good for everyone else, often at the expense of their health, financial well-being, and ultimate success.

If you want to succeed at anything in your life, then forget about the Joneses.

You don’t need the fancy car, expensive watch, or flashy toys, spend your money on experiences, on your family, and on living a lifestyle that makes you happy.

Don’t spend it on getting into a meaningless competition with shallow and materialistic people.

2. You Have to Figure Out What You Want 

One of the reasons that so many people struggle to save and make money is that they don’t really know what they want.

They have no vision for themselves and their lives, they have no why behind going to work and saving money.

And “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

So if you are struggling to make or keep the amount of money that you want, then start with why.

Figure out what you want out of life and figure out how much money you will need to make it happen, then start taking the steps necessary to get there.

3. Get a Little Bit of Perspective 

Whenever you think you have it bad, whenever you are stressed, whenever you are struggling, just remember that you are beyond fortunate.

If you have the ability to read this article or listen to this podcast right now, then you are in the top 10% in the world. Even if you are poor in the U.S., you are not truly poor compared to the rest of the world.

Once you can get this perspective on your life, then you can completely change your outlook on financial stress and the problems that you are facing.

4. Pay Yourself First & Take Care of Your Taxes

If you want a quick, down and dirty tip for achieving more financial freedom, here it is.

Pay yourself 10% out of every paycheck that you make and ensure that the government is not taking more than their fair share out of your paycheck.

According to the IRS nearly 80% of all people are voluntarily overpaying on their taxes.

This means that you could be saving thousands of dollars a year by simply hiring an accountant and sitting down for an afternoon.

If you can reclaim the money that is rightfully yours and start paying yourself first, your financial future will never be the same.

5. Action Cures Everything 

Plain and simple, no matter what you are facing in life right now, action is the cure all.

Broke? Start mowing lawns, delivering pizzas, and working overtime.

Socially shy and miserable? Get out and meet new people, talk to strangers, and approach beautiful women at social events.

Fat? Get off the couch and get into the gym.

I don’t care what you are struggling with, action will cure it.

Plain and simple.

May 20, 2020

David Carlson is the founder of the personal finance blog Young Adult Money.

Young Adult Money is focused on helping those in their 20s and 30s make more, save more, and live better. Forbes magazine has called Young Adult Money one of the best websites for people looking to get their finances in check.

David works in corporate finance at a major US corporation and is the author of Hustle Away Debt

Favorite Success Quote

“Work like someone else is working 24 hours a day to take everything from you” ~Gary Vaynerchuk

Key Points

1. Build your Side Hustle Around Your Life 

Most people I know want to build side hustles.

They want to have more financial freedom, more time to spend with their family, and more security around their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

But they think it will be too much work.

The truth is, you can start building a side hustle with only a couple of hours a day. Just give up your nightly episode of Narcos and work on a writing or FBA business.

You will be amazed where it will take you in only a few months.

2. Developing a Side Hustle will Improve Every Area of Your Life 

Something that many people do not realize is just how significantly a side hustle can change your life.

Whenever you learn to generate income on your own terms, you will have less financial stress, you will have more confidence in yourself, and more time to devote to the things you love.

You don’t have to worry about quitting your 9-5 either. Your side hustle is just the beginning and is meant as a way to supplement your income, get you out of debt, and generate extra cash to put aside in savings.

3. Figure Out What Skills You Already Have that You Can Charge For 

The first step to succeeding at your side hustle is to figure out what skills you have that you can charge for.

And before you say that you don’t have any, let me cut that belief down right now.

If you can write, take pictures, manage spreadsheets, teach an instrument, are good with girls, or know how to plan a trip abroad, then you have the skills necessary to start a side hustle.

But it’s up to you to determine what skills you have, develop the skills that you want to have, and then seek out clients who will pay you for them.

4. If You Want it You Will Get It 

Everyone says that they want financial freedom, but few people are actually willing to take the steps necessary to get it.

They would rather go out with friends, play video games, watch TV, or sit in front of their computer watching porn.

If you want financial freedom, if you want to quit your 9-5, if you want to develop a side hustle that gives you the ability to pursue a life on your terms, then you will go out and get it.

End of story.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Fail

If you execute your side hustle properly, there is no need to be afraid of failure.

Keep your 9-5, don’t take huge risks, and devote only a few hours to your side hustle a week.

If you fail, there will be no real damage except for a few lost hours.

You will still have your job, still have your family, and you will have learned some valuable lessons.

There is nothing to be afraid of, so go out there and get after it.

May 18, 2020

Dr. Michelle DiBiase, a graduate of Georgia State University and Life College of Chiropractic, has been in private practice with her husband since 1999.

Through the years, they have helped thousands of sufferers feel better again and adopt healthy lifestyle habits for whole-body healing. When confronted with chronic pain patients, Dr. DiBiase discovered that clinical findings did not always match the patient’s symptoms and that hidden, deep-rooted emotions were often involved.

From that discovery, she developed the POP Method, a simple, step-by-step approach that anyone could use to address those hidden, anchored feelings and relieve their pain.

Dr. DiBiase has dedicated herself to helping others find their power and to reach their highest potential. She lives in Waycross, Georgia, with her loving husband, John, and her two beautiful daughters, Ruby and Isabelle.

Favorite Success Quote

“If you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at change” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Key Points

1. Your Emotional Struggles Can Cause Physical Pain

When most people are struggling with pain, they fail to realize that often times, their pain is caused by a mental or emotional problem and not a physical problem.

This could stem from childhood trauma, a tragic event, or simply personal insecurity.

Whatever the case, you need to accept that your pain may not be a physical ailment and be willing to do the internal work necessary to fix it.

2. Identify What Your Key Emotions Are Causing Your Pain

If you have come to the conclusion that your pain is being caused by your emotional state, the first step that you need to take is to identify which emotions are leading to the pain.

Examine your life, both past, and present, for any potential traumas that might be leading to physical issues.

This does not have to be something big either.

It could simply be a belief that your genetics leave you predisposed for a certain ailment, something you were told when you were younger, or an insecurity that you developed about yourself.

Be willing to take a long look at yourself and uncover exactly where the pain is coming from because until you do, you will not be able to fix it.

3. Reframe Your Pain and Become Grateful

Once you have uncovered the emotional anchors that are holding you down, you need to reframe them and find a way to be grateful for them.

The simple truth is, it is hard to be in pain when you are in a state of gratitude and love.

Whatever past pain or hurt you are suffering from, there is something within it to be grateful for.

Even the most traumatic and terrible events that you have faced have a silver lining.

Whether they have simply molded you into a stronger person or allowed you to speak love into someone’s life who faced a similar struggle, you can always find a reason to be grateful.

4.Decide Whether Your Emotions Are Serving You

Before the final step in the healing process can take place, you must examine your emotions and decide whether or not they are serving you on the path to becoming your strongest self.

Is the anger, grief, bitterness, or self-loathing adding anything to your life?

Is it making you a better, stronger, or more grounded man?

Examine your emotions without bias and be brutally honest with yourself.

You can never truly move on until you are willing to remove the mask and be vulnerable with yourself and others.

5. Release the Pain

Once you have built a sense of gratitude for your struggles and developed a clear list of reasons why your current emotional state is no longer empowering you, it is time to release the pain.

Let it go.

Accept it for what it was.

Be grateful for how it helped you become the man you are, but accept that you no longer need it in your life and let it go.

May 13, 2020

Mark Manson is a blogger, author, and entrepreneur. He specializes in writing personal development advice that doesn’t suck. His website is read by over 2 million people each month.

He has written two best-sellers Models: The Art of Attracting Women Through Honesty and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Living a Good Life. markmanson.netYou can connect with him and learn more at

Key Points

1. There is No Such Thing as a Problem Free Life

Life is not easy, anyone who tells you otherwise is full of crap.

Life can suck sometimes and that is just the reality.

However, you should not see this as a bad thing, in fact, you should appreciate it.

If life is going to be painful no matter what, this means that you have a choice to choose what kind of pain you want to endure.

You can endure the pain of failure or you can endure the pain of struggling to achieve success.

2. Pain Isn’t Always Bad Pleasure Isn’t Always Good 

Something that most people misunderstand is that pain is not always a bad thing and pleasure is not always a good thing.

You can achieve pleasure by purchasing mounds of cocaine and heroin, but that would not be expedient for achieving your goals and living the life that you want.

You can also be in pain by pursuing your goals and trying to achieve greatness but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Accept the fact that life is not about being in a constant state of euphoria, it is about overcoming challenges and living a life of meaning.

3. Your Behaviors Dictate Your Values

Whenever you ask people what they value they will tell you all sorts of things and about how they value family, fitness, or personal growth.

However, their actions say otherwise.

They say that they value family but they spend all of their time working.

They say they value health but workout only once a month and treat their body like sh!t.

Maybe they even say that they don’t value their sex life and yet they are out every week trying to get with a new girl.

If you want to know what you truly value, take a look at your actions.

Be willing to examine yourself and your life without any bias or judgment and make changes accordingly.

If you don’t you will spend your whole life spinning your wheel and accomplishing very little.

4. A Constant Pursuit of Happiness Leads to Dissatisfaction

Most self-help movements in the modern world seem hell bent on helping people achieve this constant state of euphoria.

But the sad fact is, by pursuing happiness, you actually make yourself less happy.

In every moment, you are always wondering “Am I as happy as I could be right now? What more could I be doing?” and you end up feeling depressed and frustrated because you are not happier.

The same is true with your physique, bank account, and game.

If you are constantly trying to be the absolute best, you will never be able to appreciate where you are.

Learn to just accept that you may not be the richest, best looking, or most charismatic man in the room and work with that.

Accept yourself for who you are and work to improve in the areas that are truly lacking.

Otherwise, you will be like a dog chasing its tail and end up living a miserable life.

5. You are Going to Die 

This is one of the most important things to remember in your life.

No matter what you achieve, not matter how much money you make, who you marry, or how many people’s lives you affect, at the end of the day you are going to die.

There is no way around it.

Death is the only constant in every human being’s life.

But this should not depress or scare you.

It should liberate you.

The inevitability of death means that you can free yourself from the expectations of others, the drama of daily life, and the fear that accompanies big decisions.

If you are going to die, then all that matter is the legacy that you leave behind you.

Remember this and live life to the fullest.

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May 11, 2020

Paul McGregor is the founder of an online clothing store for men that has been featured on GQ, Vogue, and The Huffington Post.

After losing his father to suicide at the age of 18, Paul became driven to make a difference in the world by helping men handle their emotions and cope with the stresses of the world.

Because of this childhood trauma, in addition to MFM, Paul also coaches men on how to take their lives and businesses beyond what they thought was possible.

Favorite Success Quote

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~Wayne Dyer

Key Points

1.Stop Settling and Start Living 

Life is not a game that you can play by sitting on the sidelines.

Waking up every single day and going to the same job, eating the same food, and following the same boring routine is not living, it’s barely even existing.

If you want to be the happiest person that you can be, then you have to take risks, you have to get in the arena, and you have to get a little bloody.

Step out on a limb, take a chance, do the things that scare you, have an adventure. LIVE!

Because if you don’t, life will pass you by and you will come to the end of the day wondering what went wrong.

2. Self Awareness is the Key to Success and Happiness

One of the reasons that so many men in the world right now are depressed and suicidal is that they are not self aware.

They get inside their heads and live there permanently.

They don’t ever get their problems out onto paper or spend time trying to understand who they are and what really makes them tick.

They don’t ever truly live because they are so unaware of who they really are that they simply accept whatever role society has assigned them.

If you want to succeed in life and live with genuine joy, you must understand yourself.

You must know who you are, what you value, what you love, and what makes you come alive.

3. You Have to Face Your Problems

Another big mistake that many men make that often leads to depression and suicide is that they refuse to address the problems in their lives.

Maybe they lost family as a child, they were abused, faced a traumatic break up, or were hurt in some other way.

Most men bury these issues deep beneath the ground and put on a facade saying “I’m fine” when, in reality, they are dying inside.

You cannot go through life carrying these burdens on your back.

You need to face your demons and slay them so that you can live a life of freedom and love.

4.You Cannot Dot it Alone 

Newsflash men, you are not Superman.

No one great ever did anything alone.

Everyone who accomplished something of note was willing to admit that they didn’t know it all and, more importantly, they were willing to ask for help.

If you want to succeed, if you want to play in the big leagues and live a life worth remembering, then you have to swallow your pride and ask for help.

Whether you need to hire a coach, a counselor, or simply a consultant for your business, you need help, and every second you spend fighting this fact is another second that pulls you away from greatness.

5. Knowledge is Nothing Without Action

You can read every self-help book you want, you can go to all the seminars, and you can spend every last dollar on a high-performance coach, but unless you take action on your new knowledge you will not achieve anything.

The only way that knowledge has power is if you apply it.

So make it your goal, not to learn more, but to take more action on what you have learned.

If you read a book, take action on something you learned that day.

If you hire a coach, take action on the call as soon as you hang up.

If you go to a seminar, follow everything you are told to do immediately after you leave.

May 6, 2020

Joshua Hathaway, M.A. Holistic Clinical Psychology, is a Tongue Fu black belt and master of the Art of Connection.

Through his private and organizational training in No Bullsh!t Communication, as well as coaching and consulting, Joshua is radically empowering people’s success in the changing landscapes of modern love and leadership.

Favorite Success Quote

“All good things are wild and free” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Key Points

1. Your Body Language Effects Your Psychology

If you are approaching life in a weak disempowered state, with your shoulders hunched over, your head down, and your arms closed off, you are going to be playing life at a smaller level.

Have you ever noticed how powerful people all have similar body language?

They all stand up straight, project forward with their bodies and voices, have open postures, and own their space.

They do this because your body language affects your psychology, your mood, and even your hormonal balance.

From today moving forward, start making a conscious effort to change your body language and watch how it changes how you show up in the world.

2. Your Breath can Change Your Life

If you want a quick and easy way to change your life and your relationships, I will give it to you in one word: Breathe.

It is that simple.

If you are feeling stressed out… Breathe.

If you are fighting with your significant other and getting losing your temper… Breathe.

If you are in a beautiful place and simply want to appreciate the sweetness of life… Breathe.

Breathing more deeply, more fully, more regularly will help you to stay grounded and present and can completely change your life in a way few other things can.

3. Stop Telling B.S. Stories 

In relationships, we are often tempted to make up b.s. stories and wild claims that are not grounded in fact.

If you want truly satisfying relationships, you need to stop this immediately.

Instead of saying that someone never listens, stick with the facts.

Say something like “That is the third time today you have cut me off while I was talking and it’s really frustrating me”

This approach focuses on facts instead of accusations and it will allow you to get to the root of your relational problems easier than name calling and b.s. storytelling.

4. Just Listen 

Seriously, this point is so simple but so profound.

Just shut the hell up and listen.

Don’t take things personally or get angry about whatever is being said.

Just listen, ask better questions and try to get to the root of what is really happening.

Stop talking and just listen.

5. Talk about observations, feelings, and values 

Whenever you are in a serious conversation with a significant other, talk about three things.

First, your observations, or what you have noticed is happening in your relationship.

Are they respecting you or not? Are they showing up in a certain way? Have they been caught in a certain pattern of actions?

Next talk about how the observation has made you feel.

Are you feeling loved? Upset? Frustrated?

Finally, discuss your values.

Do you value integrity and honesty but have observed a pattern of lying? Say so.

May 4, 2020

John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System, a company that helps business owners improve the value of their company.

John is the author of the bestselling book Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, which was recognized by both Fortune and Inc Magazine as one of the best business books of 2011

Prior to starting The Value Builder System, John started and exited four companies, including a quantitative market research business that was acquired by The Corporate Executive Board (NYSE: CEB) in 2008.

John has been recognized by B2B Marketing as one of the top 10 business-to-business marketers in the United States.

Favorite Success Quote

“It is critic who counts, it is the man in the arena” ~Theodore Roosevelt

Key Points

1. Just Get in the Arena

Most people spend their lives outside of the arena.

They are the proverbial couch bound quarter backs, screaming at their televisions and telling other people who actually out in life doing something, what they should be doing.

Don’t let this be you.

Stop criticizing and complaining , and just get in the arena.

Start your business, talk to that girl, go to the gym, and the rest will start to fall into place.

2. Don’t Get to High or too Low 

Crap happens.

Welcome to the real world.

But here’s the thing, whenever bad things happen, it’s rarely the worst thing that has happened, and whenever good things happen it’s rarely the best.

Learn to ride the highs and lows.

Don’t get overly upset or overly excited.

Life is constantly changing and if you get caught up in the roller coaster of emotions that are a natural part of life, then you will be swept away and lose any semblance of sanity.

3. Focus on Action, Not Planning 

If you want to succeed in business, quit planning and start doing.

Look, business plans are great, but Murphy’s Law dictates that the best laid plans go straight to hell in a hand basket as soon as they are met by opposition.

The quickest way to succeed at business is to stop guessing and start taking action.

It’s not until you are actually in the trenches that you will be able to see how your ideas are really performing and how the market actually responds to your business plan.

So get your plan together as quickly as possible, and then just freaking do it!

4. Use Selling to Validate Your Business

One of the best ways to validate a new business or product idea is to ask for a sale.

Don’t pitch your idea to friends and family and ask for their opinion. Pitch to people, and if they compliment your idea, ask them to whip out their credit card and make a purchase.

This will cut through the crap and make people put their money where their mouth is.

If you get a couple of sales right of the bat, then you know that you are on the right path.

If not, then go back to the drawing board.

5. Look for Indicators in Your Business

Just like a doctor looks for health indicators within your body that could be indicative of something more serious, you need to constantly be on the lookout for indicators in your business that could show a potential problem.

For example, you could notice that your prospecting is going incredibly well and you have more and more inbound leads every day.

However, you are still not making many sales.

Well, as you look for indicators throughout your sales funnel, you might notice that your first sales call is when you start to lose business.

This is a good indicator of something that you need to change to take your business to the next level.