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Mar 25, 2020

Preston Smiles has a large dedicated following on his YouTube channel and has been featured in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, and Origin magazine.

He is also a regular contributor toHuffington PostThe Daily LoveGood Guy Swag, and has appeared on top podcasts such as Lewis Howes’s The School of Greatness and Addicted2Success.

He recently won Elixir Magazine’s  Millennial Mentor Award and is also one of the youngest members of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders), founded by Jack Canfield.

Favorite Success Quote

“Love will find a way, everything else will find an excuse” ~ Preston Smiles

Key Points

1. Love is a Verb

If you ever say that you love something or someone, then your actions should be a reflection of this sentiment.

Love is a verb.

If you love someone, then you are intentionally showing them your love through actions.

Whether you accomplish this by calling your family, taking your wife out on a date, spending time with your kids, or inviting your friends over for a dinner, you cannot love someone without expressing that love through your actions.

2. Your Internal World is Reflected in Your External World 

If you are attracting the wrong people into your life, if you are struggling with your finances, or have any other sort of external “ailment” it is an indication of an incongruency or struggle that you are facing in your internal world.

It may be a sense of worthlessness, a lack of self-love, a belief that you are not good enough, or any number of things.

Whatever it is, you need to spend some time digging into your internal world, revisiting old wounds and current limiting beliefs before your external world will ever reach the level that you desire.

3. Surrender to the Universe 

Stop trying to force the universe to do what you want and simply surrender.

The more that you are willing to accept life for what it is and surrender to the mysteries of the universe and the plans that God (or whatever power you believe in) have for you, the quicker your life will begin to fall into place.

4. Take Time to Be 

One of the most important things that you can do to live a life of true purpose and love is to take time each day to simply be.

Don’t have any sort of external goals or “to-dos” that you need to accomplish, simply sit with yourself and be.

Surrender to the mystery of your existence and the power of the universe. When you do this consistently, magical things happen.

5. Ask Yourself, “What Would Love Do?”

Whenever you are faced with a situation where you are tempted to get angry or act rashly, ask yourself “What would love do?”

Whenever someone cuts you off in traffic, whenever you have a fight with your girlfriend or wife, whenever your boss acts like a dick, ask yourself “How would love respond to them right now.”

I can promise that if you approach life with this mentality, your whole world will change.

Mar 23, 2020

Dr. Chris Friesen, Ph.D. is a psychologist who has always been fascinated by what makes people successful.

He is a licensed clinical, forensic, and neuropsychologist that now primarily helps professional, national/Olympic, and up-and-coming elite athletes, as well as other high achievers such as professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and writers, achieve their personal and professional potential.

He is the author of “Achieve: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen”

Favorite Success Quote

“He who has a why can bear almost any how” ~Fredrich Nietzche

Key Points

1. You Must Have a Strong Why 

If you want to succeed in any area of life, you need to have a powerful why to back up your goals.

With a strong enough why, you can push through any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and succeed at any endeavor you set your mind to.

However, if you do not have a strong reason for achieving your goals, your hopes and dreams will be relegated to “someday” and never achieved.

2. You Have to Know Yourself 

One of the most important aspects of success is self-knowledge.

If you do not understand what makes you tick and how you can operate at optimal levels, you will constantly be in an internal battle with yourself.

You need to have a deep understanding of your personality and your character so that you can design a lifestyle around yourself and how you work best instead of living a lifestyle designed someone else.

3. You Need to Know What You Value

Once you understand who you are in terms of your personality tendencies, the next step is to understand your values.

You can be highly invested in a career that is perfect for your personality but completely incongruent with your values and you will be miserable.

Take some time and figure out what is truly important to you.

Do you value family, freedom, financial success, happiness, or your social life?

Once you know what you value, your decision making will become automatic and you can easily understand what you need to do to live the most fulfilling life possible.

4. Your Personality is Not Set in Stone

Just because you have a certain personality type does not mean that you cannot make changes to live a life more congruent with your goals.

Your personality is roughly 50% genetic and 50% experiential.

This means that if you expose yourself to the right situations you can change your psychology to work for you instead of against you.

An introvert can become an extrovert, an undisciplined person can become disciplined, someone who does not handle stress well can learn to become calm in intense situations.

You have to approach your personality intentionally and understand that you can make any change you want with enough time and effort.

5. You Need to Expose Yourself to Stress to Succeed 

Life can be hard.

Whether you are relentlessly pursuing your goals or sitting back and watching your life fly by, you will still be exposed to stress and challenges.

However, this is a good thing!

The more difficult the life you live, the stronger you will become and the more you will be able to accomplish.

But you have to put yourself in situations that will stretch you and force you to adapt.

Get out of your comfort zone and be willing to face challenges you aren’t sure you can overcome.

Mar 18, 2020

Ross Jeffries™ is the founder, creator and Master Teacher of the worldwide seduction community. Featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the best-selling book, “The Game”, RJ has taught, coached, and mentored thousands of men around the world, since 1991, guiding them to the success with women they truly desire and deserve.

Favorite Success Quote

“Be interested in your outcome but invested in your skills. In a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the chicken is interested, the pig is invested.”

Key Points

1. If You Want Unfamiliar Results You Need Unfamiliar Action

Everyone knows the old quote from Albert Einstein that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”

And yet so many of us continue with the same old actions while expecting new outcomes.

If you want unfamiliar results, you have to take unfamiliar actions.

You have to do things that you have never done to get results that you have never gotten.

And that is scary.

But it’s the only way to achieve growth.  So plug your nose and get ready for the plunge, but realize that you will come out on the other side better and stronger than ever before.

2. You Need to Upgrade Your Operating System

If you are struggling with dating, business, or health, the problem is not in the technique, it’s in your operating system.

To achieve uncommon results in life, you need to upgrade yourself and improve the system that you are playing on.

You need to invest in yourself and change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

3. We are All Humans 

Often times, men put women on these pedestals and place them on a platform above them.

But the simple truth is, we are all human.

We all came into this world naked and alone, and we will all leave this world in the same way.

When you approach life wearing these lenses, you see things as they really are.

No one is superior, no one is inferior, we are all the same and we are all headed for the same final destination.

4. Find Something You Are Passionate About 

If you fell lost or feel like your life is boring and uninspiring, then you need to find something that you are passionate about.

Find something you love to do and simply do more of it.

It can be music, it can be boxing, it can be talking to girls, building a business, or anything else you want.

It’s not important what you are pursuing, just that you are passionate about the pursuit.

5. You Don’t Have Knowledge Until You Act 

Without action, knowledge is simply information.

You do not have knowledge until you have applied the information that you have learned to achieve some sort of result.

In the world of business and dating, men run around with a lot of information, but very little knowledge.

They know all of the tactics and techniques to improve their dating lives and make millions of dollars, and yet they are still broke and single.

If you want to improve your life in a real and drastic way, then you need to start acting on information.

It is the only path to improvement.

Mar 16, 2020

Health Coach, Wellness Author, and Motivational Speaker Michael Tamez, experienced a 15-year health transformation. On his incredible adventure, Michael lost 105 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and reversed sleep apnea and advanced gum disease. This was all accomplished naturally, without drugs or surgery.

Michael’s journey was intensified when he lost 5 family members in the course of 18 months. All of these experiences combined led Michael to discover his true passion in life. He is dedicated to guiding, empowering, and sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has acquired over the course of his lifetime.

Drawing from this incredible health and life transformation, Michael published his award-winning book, Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living

Favorite Success Quote

“To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities” ~Bruce Lee

Key Points

1. Most Health Problems are Not Physical 

The majority of the health problems in the U.S. are not actually physical, they are mental and emotional.

Most people do not smoke, overeat, or lead sedentary lifestyles for purely physical reasons. It is normally because of something in their life that they have not addressed.

It could be a traumatic childhood, a broken relationship, death, or some other struggle you faced when you were younger.

Just like the first step in overcoming addiction is to admit that you have a problem, the first step in overcoming health issues is to admit that you have baggage you have not dealt with.

2. To Lead a Balanced and Healthy Life You Need to Ask the Right Questions

Tony Robbins says that the quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions that you ask yourself.

If you are facing health struggles, you need to ask yourself these three questions to truly uncover the root cause of the issues in your life.

1) What Are You Holding On To?

What happened in your life that you are still angry, depressed, or frustrated with? What are you really holding onto that is holding you back.

2) What is Life trying to Teach You?

How can you reframe the thing that you are holding onto into something good? What is life trying to teach you through that struggle.

3) How Can I Move On?

What steps do you need to take to move on with your life? Who do you need to forgive, what needs to be said, who needs to be removed from your life?

3. You Are Not Your Experiences

So often, whenever we face something difficult in life, we are tempted to identify with that struggle or trauma.

You are NOT your experience.

There is more to you than the abuse, more to you than the breakup, more to you than the failure, more to you than any damn thing that has happened in your life.

Your experiences are a part of your life, but they are not your life.

Never forget that.

4.  You Need to Express Your Emotion

As men, society has taught us to repress our emotions, this is one of the reasons for so much of the pain going on in the U.S. today.

You have to express your emotions.

You have to let things go and get them out of your body.

It doesn’t matter how you express your emotions, just that you express them.

Life can be difficult, but it is more difficult whenever you hide your feelings from the world and try and pretend that you are not in pain.

5. Create Your Own Opportunities 

To hell with circumstances.

Make your own opportunities.

We live in one of the greatest times to be alive in human history. Now more than ever before, you have the chance to make yourself and your life into whatever you want it to be.

Quit bitching about the cards you were dealt and start playing the hand until you win the game.

Mar 11, 2020

Elliot S. Weissbluth is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HighTower. His commitment to disrupting the industry in favor of transparency and integrity has driven HighTower’s growth since he founded the company in 2007 in the midst of the financial crisis.

The business model he pioneered combines the fiduciary standard for financial advisors with an open-source platform where providers of the industry’s top products and solutions compete for HighTower clients’ business.

Elliot Weissbluth and HighTower continue to challenge the status quo by bringing transformative ideas and transparent solutions to financial services.

Favorite Success Quote

“There is no shortcut to the top” ~Ed Viesturs

Key Points

1. Ignorance Can be Your Biggest Advantage

Whenever you are getting started in business ignorance and naivety can actually be one of your greatest advantages.

For some people, they do not realize just how difficult business can be and would never get started if they did.

For others, being ignorant about the market and the “right way” to do things allows them to come up with creative solutions to problems that experienced veterans would never have thought of.

Do not see your ignorance as a curse, see it as a blessing. It may very well be the only reason that you succeed.

2. The Key to Managing Stress is Finding the Right Outlets

Life is stressful, business is stressful, and entrepreneurship is really stressful.

If you do not learn how to effectively manage your stressors, you will end up burned out and overwhelmed,  utterly unable to continue on the path to success.

You have to learn to effectively mitigate and manage stress through positive outlets or risk failure due to overwhelm.

Whether you enjoy painting, extreme sports, music, time with friends, or just sitting down with a good book, figure out the things that give you energy and recharge your batteries and make time for them every day.

3. Financial Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

You will often hear leaders in the personal development sphere say the phrase “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” and while this is true, if you do not have financial health, every other area of your life will suffer.

If you are living in a state of financial disease your health, relationships, and spiritual life will suffer, there is no way around it.

One of the predominant reasons for the astronomically high divorce rate in the U.S. is financial stress between spouses.

One of the reasons for the health epidemic is the inability for low-income individuals to afford healthy foods and a reasonable quality of life.

One of the reasons that so few people live the lives of their dreams is because they are too busy trying to survive to figure out what their passions are.

You have to master your physical health, because, without it, everything else in your life will deteriorate.

4. Don’t Mistake Achievement and Fulfillment

While financial health is extremely important, do not ever mistake financial achievement (or any other kind of achievement) for fulfillment.

Some of the happiest people in the world only earn $25,000 a year, and some of the most miserable people on the planet are multimillionaires.

You have to shift your focus from achievement to fulfillment.

What makes you come alive, what do you enjoy doing, who do you enjoy being around?

You will only have fulfillment in your life when you can answer these questions honestly and base the rest of your life around them.

5. Go Experience Failure

Growing up, you were told that failure is bad. That it is evil. That it should be avoided.

But the truth is, failure is one of the most valuable tools you have if you wish to become successful.

Go out and fail faster than you have ever failed before. The more you fail, the more you learn,  and the more successful you will ultimately become.

Mar 9, 2020

Ken Blanchard, PhD, is one of the most influential leadership experts in the world. He has co-authored 60 books, including Raving Fans and Gung Ho! (with Sheldon Bowles). His groundbreaking works have been translated into over 40 languages and their combined sales total more than 21 million copies.

In 2005 he was inducted into Amazon’s Hall of Fame as one of the top 25 bestselling authors of all time. The recipient of numerous leadership awards and honors, he is cofounder with his wife, Margie, of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, a leading international training and consulting firm.

Favorite Success Quote

“Don’t ever use your position, great leaders and great because people love them and trust them, not because they have power” ~

Key Points

1. Leadership is About Trust Not Power

If you want to be an effective leader, then operate based off of trust, not off of your power.

If you want people to follow you, don’t demand that they follow you, get them to follow you because they trust you.

Leadership is based off of trust, and not off of power. You have to build your community of individuals who trust in you and trust your abilities before you will ever be an effective leader.

2. Don’t Let Age Define You

Whether you are young or old, you have something to offer the world.

Never let your age determine your ambitions.

If you are young, then use that youth and energy to invest into growing yourself and your dream, if you are older, then use your wisdom to grow your dreams while paying it forward and helping someone else.

There is no time in life whenever you do not have a purpose, never let your age define you.

3. You Need to Keep Yourself Excited

No matter where you are in life, you need to keep yourself excited and stimulate, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

If you are not constantly pushing the envelope on your life and growing yourself in all areas you will live a more rich and fulfilling life.

4. Service is Essential to Fulfillment 

You cannot truly live a full life unless you are serving others. Life is empty when it is lived for you.

You have to have some aspect of your life with an element of service. Whether this is starting a non profit, volunteering at your church or with a charity, or just giving 10% of your money to a good cause.

You need to remember that life is bigger than you and act like it.

5. If You Want Something to Go Well Get it Structured 

If you want a marriage, business, or even your health to go well, it needs to be well structured.

You have to put systems into place that help you to operate from strengths, eliminate weaknesses, and get perspective on your blind spots. Only with the right systems in place will anything truly be successful.

Mar 4, 2020

Yuri Elkaim is a registered holistic nutritionist and renowned fitness expert. For more than 13 years, his honest and inspiring messages have helped more than 500,000 people worldwide enjoy more energy, lose weight, get in great shape, eat healthier, and have a much better understanding of their health.

A former pro soccer player who later acted as the strength and conditioning and nutrition coach for seven seasons at the University of Toronto, Yuri is now on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million people by 2018 and would love for you to be one of them.

Favorite Success Quote

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~Ghandi

Key Points

1. Drink Your Greens

One of the best things that you can do for your health is to start drinking green smoothies or juices.

Whenever you consume vegetables in liquid form, you are able to supercharge your body with vitamins and nutrients because your body is able to more easily absorb greater quantities of vegetables than you would if you ate them whole.

In addition to the obvious  benefits of increased vitamin intake, green smoothies help to alkalize your blood which improves energy, reduces your chance of disease, and just makes you feel darn good.

2. JERF (Just Eat Real Food) 

The health industry is full of conflicting advice on diet and nutrition, but at the end of the day, it comes down to this.

Just eat real food.

If it grew from the earth or can be hunted for meat, then you are probably good to go.

Stick to real food and let other people worry about the rest.

3. You Have to Reduce Inflammation

One of the biggest reasons for fatigue, health problems, and disease is chronic inflammation in the body.

Luckily, if you know what you are doing, you can drastically reduce inflammation and live a healthier and more vital life than you ever thought possible.

Simply by eating a whole food diet, eliminating junk food, and eating more plants and less animal protein, you will drastically cut back on inflammation and improve your health.

4. You Need to Eliminate As Much Stress as Possible

Stress causes your body to produce cortisol, which produces inflammation, which in turn produces more cortisol, resulting in a vicious cycle of stress and disease.

Sleep at least 6 hours a night, exercise only a few times a week, meditate, clean up your diet, and relax and your body will thank you.

5. Exercise in Moderation

Exercise is fantastic for you, however,  it is a form of stress on the body, and the way that most people exercise is too much of a good thing.

If you really want to be healthy then you need to stay active, but limit stressful exercise like weight lifting and cardio to 3-4 times a week.

Mar 2, 2020

Aaron Anastasi is the founder and coach of the internationally recognized, Superior Singing Method, an online singing lesson program that grosses seven figures annually.

With over 10,000,000 views and 100,000 subscribers, Aaron has the #1 singing/life lesson channel on YouTube. He is also a prominent life coach for clients in industry-leading roles ranging from film directors to marine biologists to TEDx speakers.

Favorite Success Quote

“The inspiration you are waiting for, in order to start, is on the other side of starting”

Key Points

1. You Have to Get Started 

The hardest part of any endeavor, whether it is starting your business, losing 50 lbs. of fat, or marrying the girl of your dreams, is getting started.

Once you have built the momentum and gotten over the fear of failure and vulnerability, things will start to fall into place, but you have to get started!

So plug your nose, and jump into the cold water, years from now, you will look back and be glad that you did.

2. Don’t Hold Your Happiness Hostage to Large Goals 

Having huge, massive, earth shattering goals is admirable, but it can also be toxic.

You need to have your big goals; a million dollars a year in profit, a New York Times best-selling book,  transformed body, or whatever it is, but you cannot allow those big goals to hold your happiness hostage.

Set out towards your dreams with smaller, more managable goals that will allow you to taste the joy of achievement without waiting 10-20 years, and reward yourself for every step you take towards your big goals.

Remember, like Hal Elrod says “Love the life you have, while you create the life of your dreams.”

3. Your Beliefs Determine Your Reality 

Nothing can sabotage you more quickly and more completely than limiting beliefs.

If you wake up every morning, believing that you are not good enough, that you will never achieve your goals, and that you are unworthy of success, then it is impossible to achieve your dreams.

You have to consciously and actively rewire your brain and your belief systems to serve you and your goals, because if you do not, your beliefs will rewire your life for the worse.

4. Your Rituals Create Your Results

Success is simple, but it is not easy.

If you want that great body, workout every day, count your calories, and sleep 8 hours a night.

If you want a million dollars in your bank account, start your business, set about each day intentionally building on the most important things, and hire experts to help you overcome your weaknesses.

If you want the beautiful wife and the white picket fence, then start getting involved in social activities, talk to more women, and take more risks in your dating life.

Success is nothing but the accumulation of small things done consistently over a log period of time.

5. Feedback Helps You Close the Gaps in Life 

If you are not where you want to be in your life right now, then you need to sit down with people you trust and have honest and open conversations about where you are excelling and where you are falling short.

The feedback that you get from others (meaning people who have achieved what you want and who care for you) can give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Feb 26, 2020

Mike Dillard is an entrepreneur in Austin Texas. He built his first million-dollar business by the age of 27, teaching small business owners how to effectively market their products and services online using “attraction-marketing” strategies.

In 2010 he founded a financial education company in order to teach others how to achieve financial freedom through investment strategies commonly reserved for the wealthy.

Combined, his businesses have produced more than $50 Million in revenue without outside funding.

Today Mike dedicates his time to mentoring other entrepreneurs and developing technologies in the aeroponics industry that will give people around the world access to clean, healthy, organic food at a fraction of today’s current prices.

He spends his free time pursuing his passion for auto racing, competing in the Baja 1000, Mint 400, and SCCA.

Favorite Success Quote

“Never never stop”

Key Points

1. Success Comes from You

One of the fallacies that many wantrepreneurs make is that they think success will come from outside of them.

They think that if they find the right vehicle they will be successful but they never realize that the vehicle doesn’t matter if the driver sucks.

You have to invest in yourself before you will ever see success in business. You have to master skill sets, understand your personality and how you function, and constantly educate yourself if you ever wish to be successful.

2. You Cannot Use Your Personality Type as an Excuse

Often times in business, entrepreneurs will use their personality type as a crutch.

They say things like “How can I get good at sales if I am an introvert” or “My personality just doesn’t let me focus on one thing” or a whole host of other b.s. excuses.

If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship then wake up and realize that your personality type may be an obstacle but it is never a death sentence.

3. Making Money is Only the First Part of Wealth

Many people believe that once you make money you are set. But the truth is that making money is only the first part of the equation for wealth.

If you want to be wealthy you have to learn how to make, keep, and grow your income.

If you earn $1,000,000 a year but spend $1,250,000 then you are not wealthy, you are broke as a joke.

The things that make so many entrepreneurs great at making money, being comfortable with risks, quick decision making, and a “go big or go home” attitude is also what makes it very difficult for entrepreneurs to keep and grow their money.

To grow true wealth, you must temper yourself and learn to exercise the discipline necessary to make smart investment decisions that are not sexy, do not require a lot of risk, and are often base hits instead of home runs.

Entrepreneurship makes terrible financial decision

4. If You Want to be Respected Have Integrity

This applies to all areas of life, not just business.

If you want people to respect you, then be a man of your word, say what you mean and stop lying. Be real and honest with people, don’t b.s. them because you are hoping for positive feedback.

Your word is how you are measured as a man, make sure that people see you as a man of integrity.

5. Build Your Life One Brick at a Time

Success in entrepreneurship rarely comes in fast spurts. It comes through building your business one brick at a time, a few bricks a day.

When you wake up each day, focus on 3-5 things that you need to accomplish that will grow your business. After several years of this daily ritual, you will be successful.

Like Charlie Monger said

“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts…. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day–if you live long enough–most people get what they deserve.”

Feb 24, 2020

Miki Spies is a spiritual coach with powerful and easily applicable teachings. She is an amazing coach and transformational speaker with an enthusiastic message of manifestation.

Favorite Success Quote

“Being entirely honest with oneself is an important exercise.” ~ Sigmund Freud

Key Points

1. Great Sex is About Presence

Many men think that great sex is all about technique and stamina, but the truth is, while those may be important, great sex is about presence.

It is about showing up and giving your all, being fully focused and present in each moment.

Great sex is as much a mental and spiritual activity as it is physical.

2. Everything About You is Foreplay

Some men believe that foreplay, like sex, is all about what happens in the bedroom. However, foreplay starts the second that you lay eyes on a woman.

Everything about you is foreplay, from the way that you present yourself, to the interactions you have, to the presence that you show in your conversation.

3. Don’t Regret a Damn Thing

Everything that has ever happened up until this very second made you who you are. Don’t regret any of it.

The decisions you have made, both bad and good brought you to where you are today and will help to prepare you for what is to come in the future.

Embrace them, don’t regret them. Don’t waste time wishing to change things that cannot, and should not be changed.

4. Never Settle 

If you ever feel that you are settling in a relationship, then you are doing yourself and your woman a disservice. You can never be truly happy when you feel that you are settling and it will affect every other area of your life.

Your work life, health, platonic relationships, and personal development will all stagnate whenever you have a women in your life who you are not passionate about and who does not push you to grow and become a better man.

Do yourself and your woman a favor and end things now.

5. Anticipation is the Key to Success

If you want to truly succeed and stand out with women, you have to learn to master the art of anticipation.

Women are used to men fawning over them, trying to get into their pants on the first date, and trying to escalate much too quickly.

Instead, learn to build the anticipation. Slow things down a little bit, exercise some restraint. Not only will you be able to make better decisions in your relationships, but women will respect and want you even more.

Influential Books

1. The Fountain Head by Ayn Rand

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Feb 19, 2020

John Vespasian is the author of seven books about rational living, including “When Everything Fails, Try This“, “Rationality Is the Way to Happiness“, and “The 10 Principles of Rational Living.”

Favorite Success Quote

“A small dose of rationality is worth a large amount of positive thinking”

Key Points

1. Rationality, not Positivity is the Way to Success

We live in an era of positive thinking, where people value a good attitude over rational thought.

If you want to be successful, you have to approach all of your endeavors with a rational mind. Base your assumptions off of history and practice, not off of positive psychology.

2. Be an Entrepreneur Not a Crusader

One of the biggest mistakes many would-be prolific entrepreneurs and business owners made is that they allowed their mission to become a crusade.

Instead of simply working on growing their business and their profit, they focused on forcing their message down other people’s throats instead of allowing their success to speak for itself.

3. Focus on Achieving Success Not Converting Haters 

If you do anything big in the world of business (or the world in general) you are going to have haters. This is simply a fact of life.

But instead of focusing on converting your haters into fans through debate and argument, ignore them and allow your success to speak for itself.

4. You Have to Test Everything 

No matter how good an idea works in one niche or market, there is no guarantee that you will have repeat success when you try again in a new market or environment.

You have to learn to test everything.

For example, if you have a sales letter that made you $10,000 in a day with one of your email lists, there is no guarantee that the same letter will work with a list targeted at a different demographic.

Test first before you invest time and money into something that may or may not work in the new environment.

5. Accept the Inevitable Hassles in Life 

Life can be a hassle, there is no way around it.

There are things that you will have to do that will suck, there are things you are going to experience that will not be fun and will not be enjoyable.

Instead of pretending that positive thinking can make these problems disappear, accept them as a part of life with a rational mind and simply grin and bear it.

Feb 17, 2020

Mike Fitch is an innovative fitness educator focused on bodyweight training, skills-based practices, and multi-planar, fluid movement. As the president of Global Bodyweight Training, he has developed multiple programs (including Animal Flow) that celebrate movement.

All of his work embraces the philosophy that anybody can excel at bodyweight training and advanced skills building with practice and proper progressions. With 18 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Mike has used and taught a range of styles from Olympic lifts and kettle bells to sports-specific and Speed-Agility-Quickness training.

Favorite Success Quote

“You must suffer through the structure in order to conquer the chaos”

Key Points

1. You Have to Put in the Time

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, you have to put in the time.

Mastery takes time, it takes patience, and it takes an intentional practice that pushes your limits each day. You cannot expect to see world class results unless you are putting in world class time and effort.

2. When You Hit a Plateau Take a Step Back 

So often, on our paths to mastery, we get stuck in a rut. Maybe, for you, your business has made the same amount for 6 months straight, your dating life has been mundane, or you have been doing the same workout for weeks without seeing any strength or muscle gains.

When this happens… Just take a step back.

While there are a number of things you can do to improve your practice to help break through plateaus, the first thing you need to realize is that there is no rush.

You have the rest of your life ahead of you and there is no reason to get impatient with your goals. Take the plateaus as the come and keep moving forward.

3.  You Have to Learn to Move 

We live such sedentary and immobile lifestyles that most of us have forgotten how to move. We are riddled with aches and pains, joint problems and inflamed discs and such a long laundry list of other health issues that we could write an entire encyclopedia.

The solution to almost all of this, as counterintuitive as it may seem, is to start moving.

Not just lifting weights or running, but reconnecting with your primal side and moving like an animal, down on the ground, with all of your joints firing.

Whether this is through animal flow or yoga, getting back into your body and re-learning how to move will improve your overall health in ways that you could not imagine.

4. The Goal is to Develop a  Balanced Body 

The purpose of all physical training, whether it is with weights or just your bodyweight, should be to develop a balanced athletic body.

Who cares if you can deadlift 600 lbs. if you cannot touch your toes? Who cares how flexible you are if you cannot move weight around without snapping like a stick?

You have to build a balanced physique that will allow you to take full advantage of this wonderful gift called life.

5. Take Your Rest as Seriously as You Take Your Training

If you really want to succeed with your training, start taking your rest as seriously as you take your time in the gym.

Get on a sleep schedule, cut out the electronics, don’t eat more than three hours before bed, turn the temperature down, and black out your room.

The better your sleep is, the better you will perform in the gym and in life.

Feb 12, 2020

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which is based on her 8 step #HBRMethod; the guide to changing your life and living your dream!

She is a master coach and the founder of #HBRUniversity a life coaching program that trains people from around the world to become #HBRCoaches. Sarah also teaches her method in the

Sarah also teaches her method in the 10-week #HBRBootcamp. Sarah is a single mom of three and lives in Portland Oregon.

Favorite Success Quote

“Hustle, believe, receive”

Key Points

1. You Have to Start with a Dream and Believe It 

Before you can achieve anything in this life of real substance or value, you have to start with a dream.

If you have achieved success today, even if you do not realize it, it’s because you started with a dream.

You started with the dream that you would be able to support your family while still making time to be with them, you started with a dream of owning your own company, or marrying the girl of your dreams.

If you want something, you have to first dream it, write it down as a goal, visualize it, and believe that it can happen.

2. The Hustle Will be Hard

Look, becoming successful sucks.

There is no way around it, if you want to be successful you will have to make sacrifices, you will have to work through vacations, skip dates with girlfriends, cut out friendships that are not serving you, miss a few episodes of the Walking Dead.

Success is not easy, but if you expect the worst up front, then whenever you are actually in the trenches and the shit hits the fan, you will be able to stay calm and collected because you were already prepared.

3. You Have to Have Positive Pessimism and Patience

The two things that will help you on your journey to success almost more than anything else are a sense of positive pessimism and patience.

If you hope that things will work out, but realistically expect them to flop, then you will not be disappointed when a deal doesn’t go your way. And if you have patience, you will be able to realize that this was merely the first of many deals and you will have many more chances to achieve your dreams.

4. Change Your Crew

Want to know the quickest way to change your income, body, relationships, or spiritual life?

Change who you spend time with. If you spend time around winners and hustlers, you will become a winner and a hustler.

If you spend time around athletes and casanovas, you will become an athlete and a casanova.

Likewise, if you spend your time around a bunch of lazy, goalless, slobs…

Well… that is what you will become.

Change your crew, change your life.

5. Don’t Allow Age to Affect Your Dreams 

No matter whether you are young or old, you are never too young or too old to start pursuing your dreams. Most successful entrepreneurs did not have their big home run until well after thirty, many of them as late as 40 and 50.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many young entrepreneurs who are probably younger than your little brother making millions of dollars a year.

Age is not a factor to success. Success is blind to your age, gender, color, sexuality, socioeconomic status, background, and damn near anything else that you believe is holding you back.

Don’t allow anything to affect your dreams.

Feb 10, 2020

At twenty-one-years-old, Jake Ducey is the world’s youngest published inspirational author and is the Director of Self Reliance Institute, where he has built both a school and an orphanage in San Marcos, Guatemala. Since 2012 Jake has traveled to Guatemala, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

His experiences in such countries, after quitting a basketball scholarship and leaving a drug-filled life at 19 years old to wander the world without a map, have become his first full book, “Into the Wind; My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose.

Favorite Success Quote

“Your income is directly proportional to the need for what you do and your ability to do it” ~Jim Rohn

Key Points

1. Circumstances do not Dictate Your Fulfillment

We live in a world where when people are unhappy, they often make rash decisions that can put them in a financial sink hole. And while it should always be your goal to live a life that is full of fulfillment and joy and to love the work that you do, sometimes you need to wait.

But just because you are not where you want to be, does not mean that you cannot have fulfillment and joy in the present moment.

Learn to reframe your current situation and find meaning within it.

If you are at a job  you hate, then see the job as a means to earn the money you need to start your dream business, take that year abroad, or provide for the people you love.

When you are able to reframe things and find the positivity within them, like Victor Frankl in the Nazi death camps, you will be able to find meaning in any situation.

2. Learn to Develop Inspiration through Dissatisfaction

If you are unhappy with where you are, and you really are ready to make a change. If things still suck even though you have changed the situation in your head, then you have to learn to draw inspiration from dissatisfaction.

If you are unhappy, use your pain to fuel you towards the pleasure of something new.

If you are single, use that pain to get you off your butt and out into the world meeting women. If you are broke, use that pain to earn and keep more income.

3. You Don’t Have to Pick Happiness or Profit 

So often in our modern world, people are lead to believe that you have to sacrifice all of the joy from your life now, for profit later.

This simply isn’t true.

You can have both, you just have to want it bad enough.

You can make a living, while traveling, and doing work that you love! You can have it all, but you have to make the definite decision and pursue it with all of your soul.

4. Figure Out Where Your Money Is Going and What Possible Sources of Income You Have 

If you are struggling with finances, one of the best things that you can do is to take an honest stock of your spending habits. Where is your money going, where should it be going, and where do you want it to go?

Cutting out a few dollars here and there on things that aren’t truly important to you can be the funding you need for your new business or that trip to Thailand with your friends.

Once you know where your money is going, it is time to figure out what possible sources of income you have? Could you do some freelance writing? Uber driving? Air BnB rentals?

What options do you have and which ones will bring the most satisfaction and income?

5. You Have to Reprogram Your Brain

Your subconscious mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you can learn to reprogram it to eliminate all of the crap you were indoctrinated with from society, you will be able to live a life that you never thought possible.

It will require work and some deep digging that may be painful for some of you..

But it will be worth it.

Feb 5, 2020

Jessica Ly is a life coach, meditative breathing teacher, and devout poet. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  Jessica has taken her own personal journey to meditate with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and loves

Jessica has taken her own personal journey to meditate with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and loves traveling to enrich her own connection to communities around the world. She believes it is not so much about gaining knowledge, but living it that leads to infinite peace and joy and the empowerment of leadership and great change.

Jessica is also the Author of The ABCs of Authentic Me.

Favorite Success Quote

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” ~Anais Nin

Key Points

1. Authenticity is Knowing Who You Are and Accepting It 

We live in a day and age where people will do anything except be themselves.

People often don’t like what they see in the mirror and instead of working to change it, they look for ways that they can cover it up and pretend to be something that they are not.

Authenticity is knowing who you are, the good, bad, and ugly, and accepting it. Embracing what you can’t change and working on the things that you can.

True authenticity will set you free and allow you to attract the right things into your life in business and relationships.

2. Inauthenticity Ruins Relationships

The quickest way to ruin a relationship is to be unauthentic.

Tell your significant other that you don’t care about something when you do,or  bend over backwards for them because it is what they want instead of telling them what is on your mind and you will be in for a miserable and short-lived relationship that brings more pain to your life than joy.

3. Intention is Everything

At KFM, we are all about destroying the nice guy and embracing your inner warrior, however, the reason we want to kill the nice guy is that this is rarely an authentic representation of who you are.

Most “nice guys” offer love with expectation, not because they are a genuine and loving person.

However, for some of you, you genuinely are a giving person who expects nothing in return. You compliment the girl because you like her shoes, not because you expect her to sleep with you.

You compliment the girl because you like her shoes, not because you expect her to sleep with you. You tell someone you love them because you do, not because you need something. You give of yourself because it makes you feel alive, not because you need anything in return.

If that is genuinely you, then embrace it and love that about yourself, because it is a rare gift.

4. Take Baby Steps to Success

If you are looking to achieve success in business, relationships, or health, learn the power of baby steps.

To become the man you need to be will require massive amounts of action, however, if you eat the elephant one bite at a time you will be able to become who you want to be quicker than you ever thought possible.

5. The Key to Authenticity is Calming the Mind 

The best way to start embracing authenticity is through some form of meditation or other practice that stills your mind. Whenever you are in your head you are thinking about other’s opinions and if you are doing things “right”

However, when your mind is still, you are able to disassociate with yourself and see things for what they truly are, and that is where your true authentic power will come from.

Feb 3, 2020

Alex Charfen has dedicated his life to answering the question, How do you make business grow? As a personal consultant to billionaires, the Fortune 500 and some of the most successful individuals in the world, Alex’s pursuit evolved into a larger calling to understand How do you help people grow? For the past two decades, Alex has created and curated proven business philosophies, models and strategies geared specifically to entrepreneurs.

An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, Alex has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.

Favorite Success Quote

“There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone”

Key Points

1. Your Biggest Weakness is Your Biggest Strength

Anyone who was great, past or present, has always had some weakness that others thought was crippling, yet they somehow learned to turn them into one of their greatest assets.

Einstein was told he would never amount to anything because he did poorly in school due to the way that he processed and understood information, and now we have quantum physics.

Richard Branson was told that because of his dyslexia he would never be successful, and yet because of his unique way of understanding the world, we have hundreds of industry-changing companies under the Virgin umbrella.

Anyone who tells you that you cannot succeed because of x, needs a swift kick in the ass, because odds are, the very reason that they told you you couldn’t succeed, will be the reason that you can.

2. Success Leaves Clues but Most of the Clues You Hear About are Bullshit

There is a simplicity to success, yet we tend to complicate it. You have hundreds if not thousands of unsuccessful people speaking on stage telling you that the way to achieve what you want is to create unrealistic goals and recite them 12 times a day.


Success is simple, it is about eliminating the toxic things from your life and replacing them with the habits of champions. It is about waking up early, working hard, staying focused,  and developing your skill set. Anything else is icing on the cake.

3. Don’t Focus on Being Busy Focus on Outcomes

So often in business, we wear busyness like a badge of honor, but this is a backwards way of approaching it. The longer you are in business, the more outcomes you should be creating, the more revenue you should be producing, and the less busy you should be.

Focus on creating outcomes each day instead of a menial to do list.

4. Daily Habits are Everything 

Success boils down to your positive habits outweighing your negative ones, plain and simple.

One of the best habits you can cultivate is to wake up early and spend an hour planning in solitude, starting by asking yourself these two questions…

“What is my intention for the day”


“Where was I uncomfortable yesterday”

Knowing what you intention is for the day, meaning the outcomes you want to create and knowing what made you uncomfortable in the days past will allow you to have an accurate view of what is necessary to your day and the changes that you need to make.

5. Start Taking Care of Your Health 

You have nothing if you do not have your health.

If you learn to take care of your body through hyper hydration, and properly fueling yourself, you will have far more success, you will perform better in life and business, and of course, you will have more sex 😉

Jan 29, 2020
Allie LeFevere is a women’s coach who creates programs helping women improve their self worth and confidence 

Favorite Success Quote

“Anything that does not bring me alive is too small for me” ~David Whyte

Key Points

1. Personal Growth Requires Giving to the World

On your path to ultimate personal development, you will reach a place where you realize that you can no longer focus solely on yourself and you have to begin giving back to truly impact the world.

To grow into the best version of yourself, you have to give back to others, you have to be a servant to the world, and you have to be willing to occasionally put the needs of those less fortunate than you above your own.

2. You Need to Know What You Really Want

If you do not know where you want to go, then it doesn’t much matter what you are doing on a day to day basis.

You have to have a vision for your life and for who you want to be. You have to have goals and a plan to achieve them, based off of your desires and your dreams, not society’s, your parent’s or your friend’s desires and dreams.

3. You Have to Take Care of Yourself First 

While we have already said that personal development requires that you give to the world, you cannot fully give to the world until you have given to yourself. Until you are taking care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit, until you are a little bit selfish and prioritize your needs, you will not have enough to truly give to the world.

4. Focus on What You Want, not What You Don’t

What you focus on expands.

If you want to achieve your dream you have to focus on the things that you want in your life, not the things that you don’t want. Instead of focusing on how you are out of shape and overweight, focus on how you can’t wait until you are a shredded, athletic beast.

Instead of focusing on how you are broke, focus on how you can’t wait until you have more than enough money to live life on your terms.

It’s just like riding a bike, look where you want to go, not at the tree nearby.

5.Your Language Creates Your Reality

If you are constantly telling yourself that you are a worthless piece of shit…. Odds are, that’s how you will feel.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not where you want to be however you are going to put in the work to achieve your dreams, that is what will start to happen.

What you tell yourself, you believe. Be sure you are telling yourself an empowering story.

Jan 27, 2020

Kim Coates is a Canadian-American actor who has worked in both Canadian and American films and television series. He has worked on Broadway portraying Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire and in the lead role of Macbeth performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. He also starred as Alexander “Tig” Trager in the FX series Sons of Anarchy.

Key Points

1. Follow Your Bliss

Life is too short to live every day doing things that you dislike. If you love something, do it, end of story.

If you want to be an actor, act. If you want to be a musician, play music. If you want to start a business, do it! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from pursuing what you love.

Follow your bliss, and the rest will fall into place.

2. Be Willing to Wait Until You Are Ready

Once you have committed to a path, whether it is business, acting, athletics etc. be willing to wait until you are ready to take the big leap.

For Kim, he continued to master his craft of acting on stage for 8 years before he took the leap into television.

For you, it may mean working an apprenticeship for a few years before you start your business, it may mean playing local gigs with your band for a few years before you quit your job and try touring.

Don’t rush things. Excellence takes time.

3. Failure is Not an Option

Success is simple, you simply have to remove the possibility of failure from your mind. When failure is no longer an option, success is inevitable. Once you have started following your bliss and prepared yourself for the leap, it is time to burn your boats and leave yourself no choice but to succeed.

Whether that is moving to a new city, quitting your job, or investing all of your dispensable cash into a business, when you give yourself no way out, you will succeed.

4. Keep Your Head on Straight

Once you start to see success, it is easy to let it go to your head. You have to be diligent in making sure that you keep your head on straight. Stay away from the masses living the rock star lifestyle who will end up ruining their career within a few short years.

If you want longevity in whatever path you select, you have to continually grow and avoid things that are detrimental to your public image and success.

5. A Real Man Listens More and Talks Less 

You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason, use them in that proportion.

Jan 22, 2020

Charles Hanna is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of Brains II a third-party technology provider that he began in a basement in 1979 and built into Canada’s largest independent service consolidation company with offices in all of the major cities in the country.

A devoted father of three children, Hanna is involved with a range of charities including organizations that help with cancer treatment, artists, and displaced or handicapped people. He has a particularly soft spot for children and animals and contributes his personal time in various ways to the YMCA and animal shelter groups. He divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles

Favorite Success Quote

“Happiness is a way of thinking”

Key Points

1. Your Life is Not Yours 

A mistake that many of us make when we think about our lives is to believe that our lives are truly ours. We did nothing to earn this life, we did not take out a loan that we are forced to repay, we were simply given the gift of life and the responsibility to make the most of it.

You have to realize that your life does not belong to you, it belongs to the world and to the people around you. It belongs to the people that you serve and the people you love.

2. You Must Take Care of Yourself Physically

Before you can truly serve anyone else, you have to take care of yourself, and this begins with your body.

Taking care of yourself physically is imperative, and rather straightforward. If you can get 8 hours of high-quality sleep a night, eat a diet of 80% whole foods, eliminate drugs, limit alcohol, get regular exercise, and swallow your pride when you are feeling sick and go see a doctor, then you are well on your way to the healthiest version of you ever.

3. Realize Your Insignificance in the Universe 

Whenever people take something personally, they fail to understand one of the most important facts about life: You don’t matter that much.

You are one of 7 billion, on one of God knows how many planets. You are a tiny speck in the universe.

This is not to say that you are not important to the people around you, but rather to say that you truly hold little significance in this universe. Your flight was not late because the world is out to get you, that cute girl didn’t give you her number because the stars are aligning for you and you alone.

Life simply happens and you get to take part in it. Realize this, realize your insignificance, and learn to live with a sense of humility and gratitude for where you are.

4. Taking Care of Your Body and Spirit Will Create Success in the Rest of Your Life 

Whenever you decide to become successful and start pursuing success at the expense of your health and spiritual well being, you are setting yourself up for failure.

You have to take care of yourself first before you can truly achieve success. If you are physically and spiritually healthy, your performance will sky rocket, your happiness will increase, and you will be able to accomplish more than you had ever dreamed.

5. Nothing is Good or Bad 

All things in life are simply our perception of them. Nothing is inherently good or bad, it is just the story that we tell ourselves about things. With that knowledge, what would happen if you started to reframe everything in life as a blessing? To start to see the good in all things no matter how difficult they may be.

I dare you to try it for a week and see what happens. You might just be amazed.

Jan 20, 2020

David de las Morenas is a Boston-based personal trainer, strength coach, bestselling author, and the founder of – a popular fitness and self-improvement website for men.

Favorite Success Quote

“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Key Points

1. Don’t Let Growth become a Drug

Whenever we embark on our personal growth journies, it is easy to allow growth to become a drug. It is easy to get addicted to the surges of growth without ever stopping to appreciate them or stopping to realize that they are becoming a crutch.

While constant and never ending growth is a wonderful thing, it can also become how we deal with issues in our lives.

Struggling at work? Just go to the gym!

Relationships suck? Just build your business and ignore it.

Growth is good, just make sure that you focus on making small changes overtime and don’t allow it to consume you.

2. Presence Destroys Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, you are really suffering from lack of presence. Take a few deep breaths, pause, reflect, smile, you will be amazed at how much a little active meditation can change the way you feel about things.

3. Balance is Key

Life is a juggling act, and you have to learn to balance things out to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you have millions if your health is in the shitter. It doesn’t matter if you are shredded as hell if you can’t get and keep a girlfriend, and it really doesn’t matter if you are sleeping with beautiful women if you have no money and no future outside of meaningless one night stands.

You need to learn to balance all areas of your life, starting with health and relationships. If you can master those two, the money will eventually come, and it’s a lot easier to be broke whenever you have good health and great people around you to help, then it is to be rich and have poor health and bad friends.

4. Share Your Struggles

You must learn to share the struggles you are facing. You have to confide in people that you trust who can asses things honestly for you, help you when you fall down, and admit that they have probably faced the same thing.

Burderns are easier to carry when they are shared, and learning to speak honestly with people you trust will take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

5. The Key to Success is Self-reliance

No matter what you are doing in life, you have to cultivate self realiance. If you cannot be happy with yourself whenever you have nothing, you will not be fulfilled when you have everything.

Learn to love being you, to pursue things yourself, and not to base your validation off of the number of 0’s in your bank account or the girlfriend you have, or the business you are runing.

All those things can be taken away from you, but short of a terrible disease, your identity cannot.

Influential Books

1. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

2. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

3. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant

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Jan 15, 2020

Dean Niewolny spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms, finishing his career in the financial sector as the market manager for Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, where he oversaw a $100mm market.

While in Chicago, he and his wife, Lisa, traveled many times to Africa and, seeing the abject needs of widows and orphans, made life changes that enabled them to get involved, such as helping to complete an orphan home and a Hospice home in Durbin, South Africa.

In 2010, Dean traded his marketplace career for Halftime to help more people who, like him, wanted to expand their own “first half” success and skills into passion and purpose for meeting human needs and making a significant difference. Dean joined Halftime as managing director and in 2011 became chief executive officer. He speaks at events around the world, encouraging business leaders to channel

Dean joined Halftime as managing director and in 2011 became chief executive officer. He speaks at events around the world, encouraging business leaders to channel their first-half achievements into a second half defined by joy, impact, and balance.

Favorite Success Quote

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,which God prepared in advance for us to do.” ~Ephesians 2:1

Key Points

1. The Pursuit of Money is Empty

So many of us as men tie our identity to the number of 0’s in our checking account. We think that out worth as  a man is determined by how much money we earn and the number of toys that we have without ever realizing that the sole pursuit of money is empty.

Yes, money is important and allows us to have a bigger impact on the world, but pursuing money just for the sake of having more money and bigger and better things is a pursuit that will leave you empty and full of regret for a life lived in vain.

2. Life is About What You Can Give Not What You Get 

The true joy of life is in giving back, it’s in making an impact and helping other people to become all that they can be. If you want to live a full life, a good life, and a life that has true meaning, then you must focus on what you are giving, not what you are getting.

3. You Don’t Need to Leave Your Job to Make an Impact

Many people seem to think that the only way to have true significance is to leave their job and start a nonprofit in the deep Sahara. But the truth of the matter is that you can start having a real impact by just focusing on your local community.

Start a local club for young boys who don’t have fathers and give them a strong male role model, build a park for the inner city, mentor someone who you believe has real potential.

You don’t have to be drastic to make an important difference, start small and you will be amazed where it takes you.

4.  Aim for Success and Significance

Something that many millennials are realizing is that success and significance are not either-or situations, you can have both-and. They are realizing that they can have the 7-figure business, and use that business to enjoy the finer things in life while still changing communities and individuals on a global scale.

They are realizing that they can actually make a money from making a difference, solving real problems and training up the next generation of leaders and world changers while making a profit is something that is completely doable.

Do not settle for one or the other, pursue both.

5. You Have to Operate from Passion and Strength 

If you want to make a real difference in the world, then you have to operate from passion and stregth. If you are doing something that you do not enjoy and you are no good at, you will never make a difference in your life or the life of anybody else.

You have to find thigs that make you come alive, and then find a niche where you can become one of the best. This is the only way that you will be able to make a lasting impact on the world.

Jan 13, 2020

Jerod Zavistoski is the international bestselling author of “Methodology of The Modern Male: A Modern Man’s Guide to Personal Excellence”, a motivational speaker and LA’s premiere dating coach.

Favorite Success Quote

“There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.” ~Søren Kierkegaard

“This won’t kill you, just do it”

Key Points

1. The Only Person Who Can Fix Anything is You

One of the most common themes in the Knowledge for Men interviews is personal responsibility, and this should come as little surprise.

When you are in a victim mode, there is very little that you can do to change your life. If you are constantly blaming other people for your lack of success, you will never take the action necessary to achieve the success you are after.

The only person who can fix your life is you. Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life and start making moves to get your life to the level you want to be.

2. Be Careful You Build the Right Package

All men are trying to build themselves into a “package.” They are trying to become a certain type of person, and typically the motivation for this is their desire for more beautiful women.

While there is nothing wrong with this, men need to take care to make sure they are fully educated and building the right package, one that will not only lead to success with women, but success in your health, in your business, and most importantly fulfillment with life.

3. Men Are Emotional Creatures

Something many men fail to realize in their pursuit of becoming the “Alpha” is that men are inherently emotional creatures, we are just different emotional creatures then women are.

It is learning how to harness and share these emotions where men often fail.

Expressing your emotions, your fears, your desires, and your pain is not unmanly. Vulnerability is an inherently manly thing to do as it opens you up to pain and ridicule and shows that you have true strength of character and confidence in yourself.

4. Move Towards Discomfort 

A comfortable life is the killer of all great dreams.

If you are living in comfort, you have no reason to pursue greatness. I mean think about it, why risk pain and suffering whenever what you are doing right now has earned you the big ass TV, the house, the car, and a cute girlfriend?

Why push to become more than you are?

You have to move towards discomfort, because the simple fact is, if you don’t move towards it, it will move towards you. The more open and prepared you are to face discomfort, the more at ease you will be when adversity strikes (and it will strike). If you are constantly living a life of ease, even the smallest of setbacks can make you feel as if your life is crashing in around you.

5. Open Up Your Mind

You can never be a truly complete man until you are willing to let go of your prejudices and open up your mind, until you are willing to examine news ideas, new ways of thinking and new lifestyles without judgement.

If you want to life a truly happy and fulfilled life, you need to spend time exploring new things and new ways of being, only then will you truly know the path that you want to pursue and who you want to be.

Jan 8, 2020

Jay Samit has been described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry.”

He is a leading technology innovator who has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for startups; sold companies to Fortune 500 firms; taken companies public; and partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca Cola, McDonald’s, General Motors, United Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, and Facebook. Samit is CEO of SeaChange International, a leading global multi-screen video software company.

A technology innovator and entrepreneur, he was a senior advisor to LinkedIn and was appointed to the White House initiative for education and technology by President Bill Clinton. An adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, Samit is the host of the Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year series and author of the book “Disrupt You

Favorite Success Quote

“Are you living life or just paying bills until you die?”

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose”

Key Points

1. All that is Required for Success is Drive and Insight 

If you want to be successful, you need two things, drive and insight.

Forget talent, forget high levels of academic intelligence, if you are someone who is driven to succeed, and you have the insight to see needs within the marketplace, to see the problems and offer appropriate solutions, then you can become massively wealthy.

Think about characters like Richard Branson who were told they were stupid in school and that they would amount to nothing, who had next to no understanding of industries, yet still saw a problem and were able to hire the expertise that they needed to create the businesses of their dreams.

2. Failing is Part of the Process 

There is a HUGE difference between failing and failure.

Failure is when you give up, when you resign to defeat. When you hang you head, throw in the towel and give up.

Failing is part of the path to success.

No great person has ever been without failures. Failures are what teach you, they show you what works and what doesn’t, and more often than not, when you fail at a small project, you will be able to use the knowledge you learned later to save or earn millions upon millions of dollars in a bigger business or idea.

3. You Have Everything You Need to Succeed

In the 21st century, you have everything you need to succeed.

You have the intelligence, the access to money and any other asset that you can imagine that is required for success.

If you do not know how to do something, you can simple Google it or hire someone who does.

If you don’t have access to high level investors for capital, crowd fund.

No matter what problem you are facing you have the tools to solve it and become wildly successful.

4.  Write Down 3 Problems in Your Life Everyday 

If you want to come up with your million or billion dollar idea in the next 30 days, then simply commit to writing down three problems you have in your life everyday.

In the beginning, most of the problems will be fairly obvious, but as you progress, you will be able to pick out issues that could be the next big thing, make you rich, and help millions of people in the process.

5. The Illusion of Security Robs Ambition

The only true security lies in self reliance.

If you are dependent on a job for your income, although there is nothing inherently wrong with working a 9-5 if you enjoy it and it provides the lifestyle that you want, do not be fooled into thinking that you have any security.

Government regulations, new technology, and shifts in the marketplace are all responsible for putting hundreds of companies out of business each year including dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

You have no security working for someone else, the only security is in developing, and disrupting yourself enough to create the self reliance and skill necessary to thrive in the modern world.

Jan 6, 2020

Tucker Max received his BA from the University of Chicago in 1998, and his JD from Duke Law School in 2001. He even attended Duke Law School on an academic scholarship, where he neglected to buy any of his textbooks for his final two years and spent part of one semester–while still enrolled in classes–living in Cancun.

His first book, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, is a #1 New York Times Best Seller, spent five years on the list, and has over 2 million copies in print. His second book, Assholes Finish First, and his third book,Hilarity Ensues, are also NY Times Best Sellers.

He co-wrote and produced the movie based on his life/book, also titled “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.” He has also been credited with being the originator and leader of a new literary genre, “fratire,” is only the third writer (after Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis) to ever have three books on the NY Times Nonfiction Best Seller List at one time, and was nominated to the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List in 2009. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Favorite Success Quote

“Every day write down one example of you working your process and one example of how you are making your life about other people”

Key Points

1. Life is Not Complicated but it is Difficult

Many people like to make life seem more complicated than it really is. In reality, life is simple, but it is hard as hell and it boils down to two things:

-The relationships you have with the people that you love

-The work you do

If you can master the relationships in your life and you can do work every day that you find personally fulfilling, allows you to have freedom, and adds value to others, than you are about as successful as they come.

2. The Best Way to Make Money is to Help People

If you want to be rich, then you have to help a lot of people. Making money is all about the art of problem solving and helping others improve their lives in a way that they cannot wait to pay you.

Everyone is in pain and everyone is struggling with something in their lives, no matter how rich, good looking, or successful they are, and if you can find that thing and offer them a solution that genuinely works, you will be able to make more money than you ever imagined.

3. Achieving External Success Alone is Unfulfilling 

In the interview Tucker talked about how he had all of the external trappings of success. Millions of dollars in income, meet and sleeping with countless beautiful women, a healthy body, and a great career, but still found it ultimately unfulfilling, because he had not done the work on himself.

No matter how much you achieve in your life, if you do not work on yourself and if you do not take care of your emotions and inner world, no amount of outward success will leave you fulfilled.

4. Knowing Is Not Enough 

If everyone in the world acted on what they knew, we would live in a society where everyone was happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Think about it…

Everyone knows that to be healthy you should move more and eat less. Everyone knows to be wealthy you should work hard and smart, and spend less than you make. Everyone knows to be wise you should read more and be around smarter people.

So why the hell don’t people do this?

They have an action problem, not a knowledge problem. If you want to succeed in life, you have to take the action, knowing is not half of the battle, it’s about 10% and massive effing action is the other 90%.

5. You Make Your Own Purpose 

Many people have been sold a lie that they have to go on this mystical journey to find their purpose. That if they go and meditate in a dark cave a ball of light will come down from the heavens to reveal to them what they need to do.

This is pure bullshit.

If you are struggling to find a purpose it is because you don’t find a purpose you make one!

Pick something that you enjoy and are good at that will allow you to maximize your relationships with the people you love and serve the world, and you have successfully found a purpose worth living for.

Like we said earlier, this is quite simple, but not easy.

But it is also worth it.

Jan 1, 2020

Babette Hughes, did not start writing until her 80’s and has now become a prolific author of books like The Red Scar, The Hat and Lost and Found, and co-author of Why College Students Fail.

Now 93, she writes every day with a fluidity and grace of a woman half her age; her most recent novel is Searching For Vivian. Her earned wisdom has enriched her contributions to the Huffington Post.

Favorite Success Quote

“When you accept the events that happen to you, you accept life, and when you accept life, life accepts you”

Key Points

1. Stop Worrying About the Pressures of Society 

As a man, society places tremendous pressure on you to live up to the standards it has unrealistically set.

If you don’t drive the fastest car, own the biggest house, have the biggest paycheck, lift the most weight, be the most masculine and classically manly man yet also be the most sensitive and kind-hearted lover that you can be then you have failed tremendously.

Men, just stop!

Live your life, love your life and be there for the people who really matter. You will not be on your death bed wishing you had made more money or owned a bigger house, you will wish that you had spent more time doing things you love with people you love.

Life is too darn short to be unhappy.

2. Don’t Fear Failure, Embrace It 

Mistakes are often looked at as a failure, something that you cannot recover from and something that will permanently tarnish your name.

This isn’t true.

Mistakes and failures are how you learn and how you grow into the man you need to be. They teach you valuable lessons about what is truly important and about the kind of person you should aspire to be.

Use failures, don’t regret them.

3. Life Takes Time

When you are young, you always want to move faster than necessary and try and get to the next checkpoint in life.

You want to become the man you dream of overnight. But life takes time.

And that’s the way that it should be. Enjoy the journey and don’t rush it.

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